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About L.R. Jackson

Tiger in the night, an urban fantasy novel, forthcoming!

My Story

“Mommy, is magic real in this world?”

Gray eyes peered up at me with all the intensity of five years, waiting for the Speaker of All Truth to answer this all-important question. What could I say? I thought, as looked down into that sweet, sassy little face, that there is magic there. I thought about the way a tendril of fog will curl just…so…around the weathered wood of a footbridge, or the way it feels when you walk into a certain patch of forest and you’re certain you saw Something slip under those leaves just ahead of you. I thought of the sound of rain on the street, and seeing Something move in the darkness just beyond sight in an old basement. I thought about falling in love, and surviving losing love, and the way that people reach out and hold onto each other when the world around them is falling apart. I thought about all the things we think we know, and all things we don’t think we know but maybe do, and all things we know we don’t know and keep making up answers for as we go along, and call it either ‘science’ or ‘fantasy’, depending on how we get to those answers. 

I took that chubby little hand in mine. “Yes, my dove,” I answered. “Magic is as real as we make it. Let’s go and make some.”



Believe in the possibility of the impossible. You never know when you might be right.

– L.R. Jackson

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